Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Here's a story I haven't told

well, i'm on a roll. i went through my phone photos and I have plenty to talk about.

This is a picture of the sweet hill supper. The sweet folks in our church decided to build a grill in memory of my dad. They dedicated it at the supper and surprised my mom.

Jess and I knew, of course, because we had to get my mom there.

This was such a fitting tribute to my dad. He was always happiest behind a grill. It didn't matter whose it was, or what he was grilling, he loved it. He and mom even drove to Nashville to christen our new grill. I think he was afraid it might never know a grill master unless he cooked on it.

Such happy memories!

I'm so thankful for a church that loved my dad and continues to minister to my family. It's such a great demonstration of the body of Christ.

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Hello to the Merryman Family,

I'm a neighbor blogger and your blog was just one click away to the right.

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